12 Key Factors For Professional Business Logo Design

A logo defines your business or company. It represents all that your brand stands for. As your corporate identity, it’s important to get it right from the start.

We have identified 12 key factors to take note of when coming up with your very own business logo design.

1. Less is more


Simplicity is the key to a good brand logo design. Work out the main point that you want to communicate through to your audience and then have that translated into your logo.

2. No really, this is what I need!


Take the time to jot down what you really need instead of what you want to be represented in your custom logo design and keep within those guidelines.

3. Giving off the right vibe


Your custom logo design should set the right tone. For example, “hipster”, “hi-tech”, “elegant” or “exclusive”, it must mesh well with your company brand image and be visually consistent. It should not be a standalone addition that clashes or is unrelated to the overall tone and look of your company.

4. Do you recognise it?


The purpose of a logo is to create brand awareness to the point where just looking at the logo calls the brand name to mind. To do that, your logo must be easily recognisable.

5. Yes I can read it


Legible typography is crucial. When making your choice, look at the fonts from various angles and in different sizes before settling on one to represent your company. Don’t use more than one type, if possible.

6. Who am I speaking to?


Font type and graphic choice can make or break your corporate logo design. Choose your specific target audience and focus on appealing to the right demographic.

7. One of a kind


Be unique. Find ways to be different from the other companies in your field. Don’t be afraid to try something new or develop a fresh approach by looking at things differently.

8. Stand out from the crowd


If you are able to create a unique logo that’s distinctly you, your company will be easily identifiable amongst others in the similar industry.

9. Grow old with you


You need a logo that doesn’t go out of fashion with the times. Again, simplicity works well here. A brand that ages well is usually the one that maintains the greatest traction.

10. Think it through


Different culture, nationalities and age group may have different interpretations towards the logo you have come up with. So take the time to think through your design and the different connotations it might evoke.

11. Document the process

Once you have come up with a keeper, you need to ensure that it will be recreated properly. So do take steps to come up with a style guide for it.

12. Outside the box


Last but not least, don’t limit yourself with just a few ideas or be conservative in your approach. Explore other possibilities and don’t be afraid to experiment while keeping the first 11 points in mind.

Now, executing the above to come up with an effective and professional logo design may take a lot of time and effort. But rest assured we, base in Melbourne have the experience as a brand design company to be able to provide you with an integrated logo design for your business needs.

Bless Designs is a brand design and communication strategy agency based in Melbourne that also provides a complete range of services that include signage design for all your business needs.

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