Annoying Brother Expresso + Kitchen

Upon the development of the Annoying Brother brand design, business stationery as well as the production of their internal and external signage was implemented in which we painted their logo and secondary branding on the wall. The external signage was done with Cut-out Gloss Black Acryllic Lettering on yellow composite Panels.

Annoying Brother is an espresso bar/café located in Fitzroy North. The brief was to create a brand which was versatile enough to be applied across various mediums while complementing the existing servingware and also to increase the café’s street presence. The lightning bolt symbolises energy and liveliness, further emphasised with the use of the bright yellow. This character of energy visually expresses the idea of coffee as an energy booster and the ‘caffeine buzz’ often renowned from coffee consumption.

Additionally, a sense of tension can be apparent from the lightning bolt image which corresponds with the notion of something being annoying or bothersome and visually communicates to the Annoying Brother brand name.




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