“Consumers have endured artificial engineering for decades. Concentrates, genetic modification, greed, credit, over-development, unsustainable practices – all have sacrificed quality for scale and purity for what’s artificial. At FOUND, we dub this time in history as “The Age of Artificial”. But, as with all ages, this one is coming to an end. People know what the “right choice” is – yet, still factors of price, convenience and our daily personal stresses all manifest in consumption that hinders mass acceptance. Humans instinctively won’t change overnight, but recently we’re redefining expectations and setting new standards for brand behaviour & transparency. FOUND realizes trust comes through being transparent, clear and consistent – and urges you to keep your expectations of yourself & us, exceptionally high.”


“Ecologic describes pesticide free, natural farming methodology. For thousands of years fruit was grown and harvested without chemical or artificial agents unnaturally accelerating growth. The “Age of Artificial” has corrupted the natural cycle and only in recent years with the biodynamic movement or sourcing from remote “wild” destinations can we truly be sure the produce is chemical free and naturally grown. Ecological farming, the method under which all FOUND fruit is grown, ensures chemical / pesticide free farming, natural methods of fertilization (animal manurer) and additive free production process.”

Source: The Dieline

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