New Thoughts, New Mission, New Future.

Like Christmas Eve to a thrilled child lying awake in bed — the end of 2016 and beginning of 2017 is bringing excitement and anticipation at Bless Designs. This year has been full of challenges and changes for us; as it may have been for you too. With a number of substantial changes in our staffing, structure, processes, and goals — we are adjusting the way we think about our services and purpose as a company.

For over 10 years, ‘delivering excellence in creative solutions’ has served as our motto and driver. ‘Delivering excellence in creative solutions’ has always been a good goal for us to have, but it doesn’t encompass (or inspire) passion and purpose for the work we do. As we reflect on our services and what our clients value, we feel that the statement misses the entirety of our heart, only presenting a portion what we do and who we are.

Our purpose goes beyond creating beautiful and functional designs—central to being a designer is the ability to see greater potential in every opportunity, generating business results for our customers and having the passion to see it through. Additionally we want to engender positive values, upholding honesty and integrity within our industry and the broader business community. At the heart of Bless Designs, is our aim to be a blessing to our clients, families, business partners, colleagues and community. Out of this heart, our new vision, “Creatives with a greater purpose” has been

Fuelled by our new mission statement and renewed purpose, we have centered recent internal meetings on discussing improvements and exploring the implications of the mission statement for each individual. Amongst many smaller changes, we are particularly excited to be announcing the rebranding of Bless Designs—currently on track to be completed by February 2017. Our current logo and branding has served us well for the last 14 years, however it is time to refresh our brand to better reflect our services and mission.

2016 thus far has seen Bless Designs open up new levels of service, restructure our team, rethink our purpose, consolidate our job management systems and begin rebranding. We are super excited for the remainder of this year and look forward to finding new ways to help you with your design needs!

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